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Beijing, My KInd of Town

China Tour 2000 CD - Beijing, My Kind of Town

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The Shure microphone company donated $4,000 in cash PLUS more than $3,000 worth of field audio equipment necessary to make a really great DVD/Videotape of the tour. They also provided an official Tour T-Shirt for everyone going on the trip with the Shure logo.
Winnetka Rotary Club
The Rotary Club of Winnetka has generously donated $4,000 to the New Trier China Tour. This money will be used to purchase two special bass travel cases.
The Veterans of Foreign War (Post 4831 Winnetka, Illinois) have donated $600 to help fund our tour.
Travel Experience

Adult Travel Experience
An overview of the international and domestic travel experience of the adults on tour.

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June 8 - 21, 2000
Started in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
and then to Beijing, China, then to the Henan Province
This China Tour website contains information about the China Tour that took place during the summer of 2000 by the New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Bluegrass Boyz and Dixieland Band. There were 102 students and adults on this concert tour, including a video crew to produce a DVD documentary of the tour that will be available in August. A complete list of the travel party is located on the Personnel link at the header. NOTE: The Personnel page is limited to use by tour participants and requires a password for entry.

New Trier China Tour Group Picture TOUR UPDATES SENT "ON THE ROAD"
Tour Update (06/18/00)
Tour Update (06/16/00)
Tour Update (06/14/00)
Tour Update (06/10/00)

This just in... NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS FROM CHINA with translations!!!

Read an article by Hana Oh printed in the New Trier News (9/22/00) about the China trip.

Tony Tang Productions is currently editing more than 50 hours of video footage to produce a CHINA TOUR DVD.

View the DVD Progress Report

We now have a PHOTO GALLERY (currently with more than 250 pictures) selected from trip photos submitted by tour members. Send your "JPG" formatted pictures to Mr. Warrick and he will place them in our photo gallery. (Please don't send any other format.) For complete instructions on how to send your photos, and to see the Gallery...

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News Clippings from China
Final Itinerary
Online Auction Winners (5/13)
Weigh To Go Winners (5/13)
Spring Jazz Concert 2000 VIDEO

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Spring Symphony Orchestra Concert 200) VIDEO
Online Auction Over! Updated
May 14, 2000

Get in on the bidding action!The bidding ended May 13 at 8:00 PM (CDT)!

The Online Auction has ended and raised $2,000 for the China Tour Fund!  See the final totals at the Online Auction!