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Welcome to the China Tour web site with information about the proposed tour of China this summer by the New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra.

Password ProtectedThe Bulletin Board and Tour Personnel pages both require a password.  You will be prompted to register a new account or enter your current password.

This web page will be the primary source for communication before and DURING the tour of China. If anyone has any ideas about other sections that could be added to our web page to provide an even greater service, please email James Warrick.  We encourage you to share this web site with friends around Chicago and the rest of the world.

We also hope that you will explore the New Trier Jazz Studies web page. It has served over 30,000 "visits" since it was launched in October 1998 and is also the source for watching the webcasts of all Jazz Ensemble concerts and this year's Spring Orchestra Concert.


Dr. Robert Freilich will be traveling as our tour physician!

Summer study abroad program in CHINA is now being offered by New Trier.

Sanford Photo Studio in Wilmette has agreed to take passport/visa photos. Their in-store price is $18, but as long-time friends of New Trier, they will only charge $10 for 4 photos (2 for passport/2 for visa) AND take the pictures during Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble rehearsals at New Trier. More details to follow when we provide copies of all visa and passport forms (new and renewal).

A link will appear on ntjazz.com if the tour receives final approval from the New Trier Board of Education on December 13.

An overview of this site's contents are listed below, starting with the most recently posted. 

Password ProtectedTour Personnel - Password-protected list of students and adults planning to tour (updated daily)

Summer Study with Language Department (posted Nov. 24)

Travel Experience
- An overview of the international and domestic travel experience of the adults on tour. (posted Nov. 22, 1999)

Tony Tang's Video Production Overview
(posted Nov. 23)
(kept current)

Current Weather In Beijing

Great China Photos! (posted Nov. 19)

Maps of China (posted Nov. 22)

Information Files about China (posted Nov. 20)

Tour Handout #1 - Trip Proposal (posted Nov. 19)

Tour Handout #2 - Rules and Regulations (posted Nov. 19)

Tour Handout #3 - Trip Commitment Form (posted Nov. 19)

Last updated: Sunday, January 28, 2001 .