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China Tour CD

Beijing, My KInd of Town

China Tour 2000 CD - Beijing, My Kind of Town

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New Trier Jazz

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New Trier Jazz

The Shure microphone company donated $4,000 in cash PLUS more than $3,000 worth of field audio equipment necessary to make a really great DVD/Videotape of the tour. They also provided an official Tour T-Shirt for everyone going on the trip with the Shure logo.
Winnetka Rotary Club
The Rotary Club of Winnetka has generously donated $4,000 to the New Trier China Tour. This money will be used to purchase two special bass travel cases.
The Veterans of Foreign War (Post 4831 Winnetka, Illinois) have donated $600 to help fund our tour.
Travel Experience

Adult Travel Experience
An overview of the international and domestic travel experience of the adults on tour.

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June 8 - 21, 2000
Starting in Osaka, Japan
and then to Beijing, China
New Trier China Tour Group PictureFollow along on this web site with information about the China Tour this summer by the New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra. and Bluegrass Boyz and Dixieland Band. There will be 102 students and adults going on this concert tour, including a video crew to produce a DVD documentary of the tour, and our Chinese tour operator. A complete list of the travel party is located on the Personnel link at the header. NOTE: The Personnel page is limited to use by tour participants and requires a password for entry.

TRANSPORTATION BACK FROM O'HARE  We will look into chartering a bus if anyone absolutely needs to be brought back to New Trier after we arrive home. (This may be most helpful for chaperones who need to park their car at school during the trip.)  IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, SEND AN EMAIL TO MR. WARRICK. SO FAR, ONLY 6 PEOPLE HAVE RESPONDED.
Packing Guide - Weather Updated
June 1, 2000
City (click for current weather) June Avg High June Avg Low
(For comparison purposes)
79.6F 57.5F
BEIJING 85/88F 63/67F
LUOYANG 89/93F 67/70F
TOKYO 76/79F 64/67F
OSAKA 74/77F 57/61F
What's New? Updated
June 1, 2000
Itinerary (6/1)
Bus Assignment List (5/31)
Text of May 29 Email (5/29)
Text of May 24 Email (5/24)
Text of May 18 Email (5/18)
Online Auction Winners (5/13)
Weigh To Go Winners (5/13)
Free Calls to U.S. and China!
Concert Tour Repertoire
Multimedia China Links
Music Links
Symphony Orchestra Concert
Chinese Language Flashcards!
Online Auction Over! Updated
May 14, 2000

Get in on the bidding action!The bidding ended May 13 at 8:00 PM (CDT)!

The Online Auction has ended and raised $2,000 for the China Tour Fund!  See the final totals at the Online Auction!

Weigh To Go!  Winners Announced! Updated
May 14, 2000

The actual weight of the traveling group was announced at the preview concert on Friday, May 12.  THE WEIGH TO GO CONTEST IS OVER.  SEE THE WINNERS...

Preview Concert Updated
May 14, 2000
The China Tour Preview Concert was Friday, May 12, 2000 at Cornog Auditorium at the New Trier Freshman Center in Northfield. This was a FREE "Concert Gift to the Community" featuring the Jazz Ensemble I, Chamber Orchestra, Bluegrass Band, and Dixieland Band presenting the music that they will perform in China this summer.  We plan to post concert highlights for on-line viewing in RealVideo format as soon as possible.