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tour date: june 9-20, 2000

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Follow along on this web site with information about the China Tour this summer by the New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra. There are currently 98 students and adults going on this concert tour, including a film crew to produce a DVD of the tour.

We need tour families to find prizes for the Weigh To Go Contest.
New prize... Mr. Baumann is donating his covered parking space next to the auto shop for ONE WEEK to a student winner. We need help from EVERYONE locating good prizes.


After careful consideration, Mr. Warrick and Mr. Rosheger have decided with the Dance Committee that plans for the STRAUSS WALTZ/ BIG BAND DANCE should not proceed. The primary reasons are:

1.  That a suitable location for such an event could not be found without paying an excessive amount; 

2. That the parent's and student's efforts to plan and execute such an event might better be spent perfecting the fund-raisers we already have planned;

3. That the students will be much to busy during the month of May to devote the time it would take to have a dance. 

We appreciate the help of Mrs. Pietrzak-Suzda,Mrs. Gubman, Mrs. VanderWilt, and Mrs. Bernstein for devoting the time to research our options and meet with Mr. Rosheger and Mr. Warrick. THEY WILL BE USING THE ORIGINAL TOUR PARTICIPATION FORMS TO OBTAIN NAMES OF PARENTS WHO INDICATED THAT THEY WANTED TO HELP WITH FUND RAISING. WE NEED HELP TO DO THINGS THE "RIGHT WAY."


The school administration has given us permission to have an ONLINE AUCTION as a China Tour fund-raiser!!!

We will auction the items that might not be appropriate for the
Weigh To Go Contest and put them up for bidding for two weeks starting at the Spring Jazz Concert on April 14. 

... And the first item for auction is...

6 VIP (reserved seats) with VIP parking for the GRADUATION CEREMONY for this year's seniors at Northwestern University in June!!!!


Chick Corea and Gary Gurton have agreed to allow the Chamber Orchestra to perform a brief selection to open the second half of there concert. This means that both groups will now appear at the on APRIL 29.

Are you really bored and want
something to do. TRY THIS!!!

We have JUST ADDED a GREAT link with China Information. 

"The only thing better than this link is BEING THERE!!!"... Melvin Bern III

"This is better than CATS"... Ebert 

 See the new link...


Board Approves Trip Proposal
At a meeting of the New Trier Township School Board on December 13, 1999, the China Tour Proposal was unanimously accepted!  Read the brief proposal submitted to the Board...

Travel Experience
An overview of the international and domestic travel experience of the adults on tour.

Top Announcements

A reminder from
Dr. Freilich...
"Immunizations should be completed by 4-6 weeks before we leave, NO LATER than April 28. It's not too soon to get them now since protection will last."

China Tour CDs are IN and have been issued to students to sell. A link will soon appear with sound files.

Letters Mailed on Jan. 12, to Tour Families are now posted on the HANDOUTS link

New Fund-Raising Information Posted!
HELP... We need tour families to locate donations of prizes for our "Weigh To Go" Contest if it is to be successful. Send an email to Mr. Warrick if you have any ideas.

Doctor's Corner

Dr. Robert Freilich, our tour physician, has completed his research regarding health issues and is providing his recommendations on immunization.  Read more...


Archive files of the live internet broadcast of the NEW TRIER JAZZ FESTIVAL are now on line. See NTJAZZ.COM

Spring Jazz Concert is Friday, April 14, 2000, 7:30 p.m.
Register to get an email reminder and complete details the week of the concert. Tickets are being sold now by members of the Jazz Ensembles and Orchestras. There is a ticket sales contest with prizes for non-Jazz Ensemble I students. This concert will be broadcast LIVE on TV/radio/Internet. For ticket info...

Chick Corea and Gary Burton Duet
is Saturday, April 29, 2000, 7:30 PM
Performing their Grammy-winning DUET in a benefit concert on behalf of our China Tour Fund. Register to get an email reminder and complete details the week of the concert. 
Ticket info...

Spring Orchestra Concert
is Friday, April 28, 2000
LIVE INTERNET BROADCAST! Register to get an email reminder and complete details the week of the concert. Ticket info...

China Tour Preview Concert
is Friday, May 12, 2000... in the Cornog Auditorium at the New Trier Freshman Center in Northfield. This is a FREE "Concert Gift to the Community" featuring the Jazz Ensemble I and Chamber Orchestra presenting the music they will perform together in China this summer. This concert will not be televised or broadcast on the Internet.  Free tickets can only be obtained by mailing in a postcard packaged with each Tour CD sold.