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Our 24th Annual
at New Trier High School

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Download the evening concert program

Click to see the student award winners

Click to see the PHOTO GALLERY
for the evening concert!!!

ARCHIVE FILES for streaming
are linked below IN YELLOW.

To see LIVE or ARCHIVED concerts, you must download REALPLAYER 
(The free version works great.)


See their concert
Program time: 1 hour. 32 min.

with special guest artist...

Alto Sax- Robert Porcelli, Enrique Fernandez
Tenor Sax- Mitchell Frohman, Mario Rivera
Bari Sax- Pedro Miranda
Trumpets- Kevin Bryan, John Walsh, Peter Nater, Richard Viruet
Trombones- Sam Burtis, Lewis Khan, Reynaldo Jorge, Dan Reagan
Piano- Edwin Sanchez
Guest Pianist- Eddie Palmieri
Bass- Geraldo Madera        
Timbales/Band Leader
- Jose Madera
Bongos- John Rodriguez
Conga-George Delgado
Vocalist-Frankie Morales

New Trier High School
Jazz Ensemble I
See their evening concert

Program time: 37 min.
Back in Blue Orleans..................................................Les Hooper
Emily...................................................................Bob Florence, arr.
Brand New Day..............................................Cody Fry (NT Jazz I)
Premier Performance
Jazz Guitar Ensemble
.............................................Bob Washut, comp/arr.
Bob Washut, Guest Conductor

Woodwinds- Tom Hord
Alto Sax/Clarinet-
Natalie Lande, Missy Ducommun
Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute- Hiro Kawashima, Lyle Price
Baritone Sax/Clarinet- Dan Balikov, David Melnick
Trumpets- Anna Bittman, Andy Blankshain, Danny Bressler,
Michael Fatum, Drew Hansen, Josh Kalmikoff
Trombones- Sarah Jabon, David Binder, Evan Nixon, David Paul
Piano- Doug Donoghue, Cody Fry, Adam Kromelow, Eric Shevrin
Bass- Chris Alonzi, Lowel Richardson, Sam Selinger, Ben Siegfried
Vibes- Chris Williamson
Guitar- Andrew Clinkman, Benjie DeAlbuquerque, Andrew Heaton, Zack Looman
Drums- John Fatum, Ethan Kogan, Alex Valvassori, Niko Xidas
Audio/Video Tech- Charlie Healy, Matt Hungerford, Caroline Schnecke

Jazz Guitar Ensemble
(Part of the above concert link)

Guitar- Andrew Clinkman, Benjie DeAlbuquerque, Andrew Heaton, Zack Looman
Flute- Tom Hord          Piano/Guitar- Cody Fry        Bass- Ben Siegfried
Vibes- Chris Williamson         Drums- Alex Valvassori

Rhythm section

"How To Play Latin Music"
by the Rhythm Section of the

Piano- Edwin Sanchez
Bass- Geraldo Madera
Timbales- Jose Madera
Bongos- John Rodriguez
Conga- George Delgado
Moderator- Jim Warrick

See their masterclass
Program time: 52 min.

We apologize for some not-so-great camera work in the early portions of this clinic and the lack of bass in the audio mix.
From a technical standpoint we would do a lot of things different if we could do this again.

Nonetheless, this was an amazing masterclass from people who "wrote the book" on Latin rhythm section playing and we didn't want to not have it archived!

Traveling from Denver, Colorado to perform for us...

Darren Kramer and the 
DKO Electric Quartet

See their concert
Program time: 33 min.

Electric Trombone- Darren Kramer
Tenor Sax-
John Gunther
Hammond B3 Synthesizer- Pat Bianchi
Drums- Dean Oldencott

The popular 
This year directed by
President of Smart Chart Music
and publisher of the music performed by the FAT BAND

See their concert
Program time: 15 min.

TOW AWAY ZONE.. Thad Jones, comp/Mike Carubia, arr.
FULL HOUSE....................................................... Dave La Lama

Tow Away Zone sax section-
Alto: John Wojciechowski (St. Charles North),
Mike Beix (Shorewood Intermed.)
Ten: Josh Thomson (Lake Zurich High School) Bari: Jen Cross (Wheaton College) 
Full House Sax Section- Alto: Scott Gumina (Lisle Sen) Jason Gillette (Brookfield Central)
Ten: Josh Thomson  (Lake Zurich HS) Bari: Jen Cross (Wheaton College)
TRUMPETS- Scott Julius (Delavan-Darien HS), Randy Karon (Barrington HS)
Brian Dunn (Naperville Central HS), Mike McLaughlin (Merit School of Music)
Bruce Hering (Eau Claire Memorial HS) Jeff Waggoner (Hinsdale Central HS)
TROMBONES- Glenn Williams  (Downers Grove HS), Kevin Caroll (St. Partick HS)
Garett George (Fenton HS), Dave Smith (Brookfield Central HS)  
PIANO- Scott Mertens Tow Away Zone (Sycamore HS) 
William Riddle Full House (Westmont HS) 
BASS- Chris Keyes Tow Away Zone (Crystal Lake South HS)
Paul Nielsen Full House (Grayslake HS)
VIBES- Clay Arnett (Muncie Central HS )
DRUMS- Jim Warrick-Tow Away Zone (New Trier HS)
 Dave Fodor-Full House (Evanston HS)

See their concert

The University of Wisconsin- 
Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble

directed by Bob Baca
Program time: 48 min.

See their concert

James Warrick- Director

Alto Sax-
Rachel Gitles, Lea Prohov
Tenor Sax- Mike MacLeod, Sydney Badik
Baritone Sax- Gerik Zatorski
Trumpet- Kevin Honaker, Nickolas Kaplan, Stephen Kendall, Elliott Ostrowski, John-Matthew Konchar
Trombone- Robby Pullen, Bill Goldstein, Mike Green, Karl Thelen (bass)
Piano- Colin Drozdoff, Vicki Greenberg, Jake Shapiro
Bass- Aaron Palmer
Guitar- Ben Parker, Ben Spulber
Drums- Ian Becker, Martin Cozzola, Jeff Garoon
Vibes- Jacob Cahnman

See their concert

John Thomson- Director
Adam Kromelow- Student Director

Alto Sax- Adam Goone, David Reiff
Tenor Sax- Steve Derluguian, Abi Noda
Baritone Sax- Ben Varick
Trumpet- Robby Balikov, Matt Gross, Joe Jeffers, Omar Kaufman, 
Evan Link, Marcello Molinaro
Trombone- Brandon Foster, Andrew Gretchko (bass), Nate Peppey, Robert Sameh
Piano- Trevor Jack, Mary Lin, Scott Tesler
Bass-Kevin Helfman, Jim O’Neil
Guitar- Michael Breen, Aaron Ratoff, Matthew Rosenberg
- Ben Cessine, Justin Nowicki

See their concert

James Warrick, Doug Rosenberg- Directors
Jen Cross- Student Teacher (Wheaton College)

Alto Sax- Katie Kalmakoff, Christopher Paik
Tenor Sax- Nick Kelly, Braham Mehta
Baritone Sax- Henry Pahl, Cole Scandaglia
- Robert Holland, Sam Marshall, John Fatum, Drew Hansen
- Christian Cook, Carrrie Furniss, Fred Jorgensen,
Linc Rhodes, Frank Sripada
Piano- Teddy Berman
, Andy Koehler
- Daniel Gill, Pat Kolstad, Kelsey Terhorst
Scott Gantner, Zach Kolkey
- Peter Martin, Eastman Presser, Patrick Tuman

Clinicians for our 2007 festival

Music Performed at our 2007 festival

The charity we supported by
this year's festival was the
Wheelchair Foundation

Our audience donated $2,200.
Our Jazz Festival donated $2,000.
This $4,200 allowed us to donate
53 wheelchairs in
Frank Mantooth's name 
to people needing them the world over.

Watch a video about the
Wheelchair Foundation

Last year's jazz festival donated $5,500 to
Watch the Heifer video
with Windows Media Player
Watch the Heifer video with Quicktime

featuring Sheri Maricle and the DIVA Jazz Orchestra

2005 Archives- featuring Gordon Goodwin's Big PHAT Band

2004 Archives-
featuring the Bob Mintzer Big Band

2003 Archives-
featuring the Count Basie Orchestra

The New Trier Jazz Festival has been copied, but never duplicated! 

Our festival was the first high school festival to...

To offer scholarships to summer jazz camps to outstanding students ($96,000 in total  scholarships actually used by students to attend camps with over 15 camps participating in our awards program)...

To be broadcast live on the INTERNET and television/radio for more than 14 hours...

To have a website with ONLINE registration...

To provide a sight-reading big band for all festival participants...

To provide bands that perform on stage a CD of their performance mixed using more than 38 microphones...

To be completely paperless, thus making communication with directors faster and more accurate...

To provide workshops on careers in music and other special interest topics...

Annual evening concerts by the world's greatest jazz big bands from far outside of the Chicago area (to see the list)...

...and many more special offerings for almost a quarter century!

Our festival has been called by Downbeat magazine, "Perhaps the most educational high school jazz festival anywhere."

The New Trier Jazz Festival was started in 1982 to help keep the tradition of Big Band Jazz alive.  Using a non-competitive format, the four primary purposes of the festival are to provide high school and junior high jazz musicians with...

  • An opportunity to perform for, and be critiqued by, some of this country's most outstanding jazz  educators;

  • An opportunity to attend clinics on performance techniques, music careers, jazz improvisation, and other topics of interest by leading jazz professionals;

  • An opportunity for student musicians to be individually recognized by the awarding of certificates and other awards;

  • An opportunity to attend concerts by some of the world's greatest jazz artists and big bands.


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