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26th Annual Jazz Festival
Saturday, February 7, 2008


Directors... Check the links you provided for your school name, and your e-mail
e-mail address. If they don't work, then send corrections. (e-mail)

Send us links to your school or music department web page 
if you haven't already done so.

Click on a director to send them an email. (Directors... If you do
NOT want an email link on this page, let me know. )
Regarding tickets:      Participant tickets/Full Price tickets requested
This list is current as of Jan. 27, 2009

Junior High Schools (alpha order)

Central School, Glencoe, IL; Kristen Kudert and Matt Pickett, directors (23/0 tix requested).
Deer Path Middle School, Lake Forest, IL Steven Nendza, director (10/10 tix requested).
Forest Park Middle School, Franklin, WI;  Cheryl Miracle, director (30.5 tix requested).
Hickory Creek Middle School, Frankfort, IL; Dana Shoemaker, director (38/0 tix requested).
Joseph Sears School, Kenilworth, IL; Patrick Dawson, director (30/40 tix requested).
St. Giles Middle School, Oak Park, IL; Mike Knauf, director (0/0 tix requested).
Shorewood Intermediate School, Shorewood, Wisconsin; Alan Dust, director (22/0 tix requested).

Sperreng Middle School, St. Louis, MO; Brian Wyss, director (36/0 tix requested).
Spring Woods Middle School (Junior High) Hanover Park, IL; Karisa Scheifele and Dan Hubert

Washburne Middle School, Winnetka, IL; Bob Rzeszutko, director (26/0 tix requested).
Wilmette Junior High School, Wilmette, IL; Rob Blim, director

Wredling Middle School, St. Charles, IL; Michael Bazan, director (30/0 tix requested).
WAITING LIST- see bottom of page

High School "Second or Third Bands" (alpha order)
Barrington High School (II) Barrington, IL; Randy Karon, director (12/0 tix requested).
Batavia HS (II) Batavia, IL; Ben Collins, director (23/0 tix requested).

Benet Academy (II) Lisle, IL; Matthew Cashdollar, director (22/10 tix requested).

Carl Sandburg HS (II) Orland Park, IL; Annabelle Sarmiento, director (40/15 tix requested).
Glenbard East HS (II) Lombard, IL; Brian Shaw, director (27/0 tix requested).
Glenbrook North High School (II) Northbrook, IL; Mark Running, director (24/10 tix requested).

Glenbrook South High School (II) Glenview, IL; Michael Fogarty, director (20/0 tix requested).
Hinsdale Central HS (III) Hinsdale, IL; Jeffrey D. Waggoner, director (22/0 tix requested).

Joliet West HS (II) Joliet, IL; Kevin Carroll, director (28/0 tix requested).
Lake Zurich HS (II) Lake Zurich, IL; Josh Thompson, director (26/0 tix requested).

Lindberg High School (II) St. Louis, MO; David Wyss, director (36/0 tix requested).
Lisle Senior HS (II) Lisle, IL; Scott Gumina, director (25/30 tix requested).

Naperville Central HS (II) Naperville, IL; Brian Dunn, director (23/36 tix requested).
New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL; Jim Warrick, Matt Temple, Nic Meyer, directors

Saint Patrick HS (II) Chicago, IL; Kevin Carroll, director (30/30 tix requested).
St. Charles North HS (II) St. Charles, IL; Jim Stombres, director (20/17 tix requested).
Waubonsee Valley HS (II) Aurora, IL; Josh Chodoroff, director (20/20 tix requested).

Woodstock HS (II) Woodstock, IL; Rachel Clark, director (15/15 tix requested).
High School "Inexperienced First Bands" (alpha order)
Crystal Lake South HS (I) Crystal Lake, IL; Christopher Keyes, director (25/8 tix requested).

Fenton HS (I) Bensenville, IL; Garett George, director (22/0 tix requested).
Franklin HS (I) Franklin, Wisconsin; Scott Julius, director (25/0 tix requested).
Lane Tech College Prep HS (I) Chicago, IL; Omar Fong-Bances, director 5/0 tix requested).

Notre Dame HS (I) Wilmette, IL; Doug Rosenberg, director (18/0 tix requested).
Prairie Ridge HS(I) Prairie Ridge, IL; Tim Blakewell, director (27/0 tix requested).

Richmond-Burton HS (I) Richmond, IL; Jake Stouffer, director (28/5 tix requested).
Shorewood High School (I) Shorewood, Wisconsin; Salvatore Terrasi, director (22/0 tix requested).
South Fayette HS (I) McDonald, PA; Mike Mackey, director (28/0 tix requested).
TF HS (I) Lansing, IL: Marques Carroll, director (29/0 tix requested)
Quincy Senior HS (I) Quincy, IL; Chris Beason, director (30/20 tix requested).
1st:   John Hersey HS (II) Arlington Hts, IL; Mike Malek, director 
2nd:   Rich Central HS (I) Olympia Fields, IL; Phillip Crews, director
3rd:   Delavan-Darien HS (I) Delavan, WI; Brian Carter, director
4th:  St. Mary's DCVI (I) St. Mary's, Ontario Canada; Richard Sumstad, director 

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