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*  Download a PDF of the 2008

* The 2008 Festday's General Schedule

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* 2008 Jazz Directors Big FAT Band

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26th Annual Frank Mantooth
Jazz Festival at New Trier High School 2009

This list is current as of Nov. 20, 2008

Jazz Festival Sponsors

These are businesses and individuals who will make a significant financial contribution to the success of our 2009 New Trier Jazz Festival.  Anyone wishing to make a minimum $250 contribution should contact James Warrick. This contribution allows the donor to select four complimentary tickets to the evening concert before tickets go on sale to the general public at the Fall Jazz Concert.
(# of tickets ordered/$ still owed if any and due by Oct. 1, 2008)

Evanston Band and Orchestra Company (not paid)
Gand Music and Sound (not paid)
The Drum Pad (not paid)

Patty and Jim Berman (4/paid)
The Brenner Family (4/paid)
The Burlingame Family (8/paid)
Sheila and David Cahnman (4/paid)
The Cessine/Rasso Family (8/paid)
The Chopra Family (4/paid)
The Clinkman Family (4/paid)
John Q. Cook, MD (4/paid)
The Dray Family (4/paid)
The Drell/Kalmikoff Family (4/paid)
Steve and Carol Ducommun (4/paid)
Ray Fisher and Kathy Takemoto (4/paid)
Adrianne and Bob Furniss (8/paid)
The Gabrielides Family (5/paid)
The Gill Family (4/paid)
David and Laura Goone (16/paid)
Kristen and Philip Goss (4/paid)
The Hartman Family (4/paid)
Anna, Warran and Kevin Helfman (8/paid)
Christina and Brian Jack (4/paid)
Jeff and Evi Jeffers (4/paid)
The Jorgensen Family (3/paid)
Alan and Charlotte Kaplan (4/paid)
Marina Kaplan (4/paid)
Eileen and Gerard Kelly (4/paid)
Joy and Roy Kolstad (4/paid)
Joe and Susan Koehler (4/paid)
Loryn and Norberto Kogan (6/paid)
The Kolkey Family (4/paid).
The Kromelow/Korzon Family (6/paid)
Peggy and David Kubert (4/paid)
Colin Marshall and Mo Ulicny (4/'paid)
Mary and Geoff Matthews (4/paid)
Jill and Charley Mattenson (8/paid).
Michael and Debbie McCurrie (10/paid).
Brian and Meg Madvig (4/paid)
The Molinaro Family (4/paid)
The Nixon Family (4/paid)
Paul and Susanne Nowicki (6/paid)
Nam and Lelaine Paik (6/paid)
Sharona and David Palmer, MD (7/paid)
Tom and Lisa Peterman (4/paid).
Caryn Summer and Brad Reiff (19/paid)
Steve and Mary Rhodes (8/paid)
The Ritchie Family (4/paid)
Marcy and Jay Rosenberg (6/paid
LIsa Rosenberg and Howard Balikov (6/paid)
Janet and Joseph Sameh (8/paid)
The Scheyer Family (4/paid)
The Schriesheim Family (4/paid)
David and Martha Shanahan (3/paid)
Valerie and Lee Shapiro and Family (8/paid)
Don and Jennifer Storm (7/paid)
Carol McCardell and Michael Solomon (4/paid)
The Tuman Family (4/paid)
Ben Varick and Family (4/paid)
Mary Waldon, MSW, LCSW (4/paid)
Scott and Donna Williamson (4/paid)
Pam and John Wirt (4/paid)

Jazz I ticket requests (all paid) 
Martin -4, 
Presser- 4

Jazz Festival Supporters

These are equally concerned members of the New Trier community who are committed to the financial support of our festival and the promotion of high school and junior high jazz education.

Mike and Julie Engelman
Cold Scandaglia

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