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Jazz Ensemble I
Lab Jazz
Concert Jazz
Freshmen Jazz

New Trier Jazz Ensembles European Edition | 1994-1995
1995 CD Cover

Jazz Ensemble I
1.  Gloria Fanfare (28.8k | 56k)
2.  Ya Gotta Try 
(Featuring the Count Basie Orchestra Rhythm Section, Frank Foster and Rob Parton, trumpet)
3.  I See Voices
4.  Friday Night At The Cadillac Club (28.8k | 56k)
(Featuring Glenn Kostur, tenor sax)
5.  A Glenn Miller Medley
6.  Super Chief
7.  Perdido
8.  Samba Song
9.  I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
(Featuring Tim Coffman, trombone)
10.  Rocky
(Featuring Maynard Ferguson, trumpet)
11.  Baby Weezer (28.8k | 56k)
12.  Takin' It To Church

Freshman Jazz Ensemble
13.  Momma's Samba

Concert Jazz Ensemble
14.  Strike Up The Band

Lab Jazz Ensemble
15.  Granada Smoothie

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All recordings were made with student engineers using the 32-track digital facilities located in the Music Department.

Soundtraks is a student club that teaches the techniques involved in recording live and studio sessions.  

As a support facility to the New Trier Music Department, a complete 32-track digital recording studio and MIDI-Lab is available for students to use.  All jazz ensembles, bands, choirs, and orchestras regularly record using these facilities.  

At New Trier, albums and concert videotapes are regularly produced, and independent multimedia projects are often undertaken by students.  

All of the New Trier Jazz Ensembles have been included on albums, tapes, or CDs annually produced by Sountraks since 1970.  

Excerpts of audio recordings by New Trier's instrumental and vocal ensembles can be downloaded at the
New Trier Music Department web site.

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