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From China With Love | 1999-2000

From China With Love - 1999-2000

Selections #8 and #10 were recorded in concerts in China. A photo and more bio info about each selection will be posted soon.

30 second demos of tunes recorded.

  1. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "Zamba" with Byron Stripling, trumpet  (7:50)
    Comp/Arr.  Allen Vizutti

  2. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "ASAP"  (3:51) 
    Comp/Arr. Rick DiMuzio
    Jon Freilich, tenor sax; Ben Jackson, flugelhorn; Mac Guy, drums

  3. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "Yesterdays"  (5:51)
    Comp. Jerome Kern, Arr. Bill Holman
    Jeff Suzda, baritone sax

  4. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "Four Brothers"  (3:16)
    Comp/Arr. Jimmy Giuffre
    Solo order: Rytas Vygantas, tenor sax; Jeff Suzda, baritone sax; Chris Tossing, tenor sax; Jon Freilich, tenor sax
    ; Kevin Pearce, clarinet 

  5. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "Waltz for a Bad Hair Day"  (7:12)
    Comp/Arr. Mike Pagan  
    Ben Jackson, flugelhorn; Chris Tossing, soprano sax
    Recorded live at the New Trier Jazz Festival World Premier Performance - Mike Pagan, conductor

  6. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "Teach Me Tonight" (3:34)
    Arr. Tom Kubis
    SJ Barrie-Chapman, vocal

  7. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - " Giant Steps" (2:39)
    Comp. John Coltrane; Arr. Bob Washut
    Brian Friedland, piano; Jon Friedland, tenor sax; Mac Guy, drums 

  8. New Trier High School Jazz Ensemble - "New York, New York" recorded LIVE in CHINA (3:54)
    Comp. Fred Ebb; Arr. Robert Lowden

  9. New Trier High School Jazz Percussion Ensemble - "The Nature of the Beast"  (5:37)
    Comp/Arr. Brian Friedland (NTHS)
    Jazz Percussion Ensemble 
    Lee Kurland, xylophone;  Mac Guy, percussion; Gabe Turow, marimba; Adam Ferrari, drums; Dan Siegfried, vibes; Brian Friedland, piano; Peter Jaeschke, bass

  10. New Trier High School Bluegrass Boyz - "Big Mon" recorded LIVE in CHINA  (3:45)
    Comp. Bill Monroe

  11. New Trier High School Bluegrass Boyz - "Gold Rush"  (2:21)
    Aaron Weinstein, fiddle; Eli McGlaughlin, guitar; Chandler Gegg, mandolin; Greg Geary, bass 

  12. New Trier High School Bluegrass Boyz - "How Mountain Girls Can Love"  (3:13) 
    Peter Harper, banjo; Chris Cox, dobro guitar; Chris Cox, piano; Chandler Gegg, Peter Harper, Chris Cox, vocals

  13. New Trier High School Freshman Jazz Ensemble - "Got To Get You Into My Life"  (4:25)
    Comp. John Lennon; Arr. John Wasson  
    Liz Hochberg, french horn; Mike Thorsen, tenor sax; John Gillian, guitar

  14. New Trier High School Concert Jazz Ensemble -"On Two Horizons" (4:20)
    Comp/Arr. Tom Davis
    John Thomson, director; Mark Feldman, alto sax

  15. New Trier High School Lab Jazz Ensemble -"A Train Mambo" (3:59) 
    Max DiLallo, piano; Chad Bernstein, trombone; TJ Isselhard, guitar; Lee Kurland, drums; Mike Gubman, bass

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All recordings were made with student engineers using the 32-track digital facilities located in the Music Department.

Soundtraks is a student club that teaches the techniques involved in recording live and studio sessions.  

As a support facility to the New Trier Music Department, a complete 32-track digital recording studio and MIDI-Lab is available for students to use.  All jazz ensembles, bands, choirs, and orchestras regularly record using these facilities.  

At New Trier, albums and concert videotapes are regularly produced, and independent multimedia projects are often undertaken by students.  

All of the New Trier Jazz Ensembles have been included on albums, tapes, or CDs annually produced by Sountraks since 1970.  

Excerpts of audio recordings by New Trier's instrumental and vocal ensembles can be downloaded at the
New Trier Music Department web site.

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