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A conversation with 
James Warrick

(Band Director  Guide Magazine)


The 2006-2007
New Trier
High School
Jazz Ensembles CD


Wayne Bergeron, trumpet
Bret Spainhour, saxophone

World Premier Compositions by...
Don Owens
Adam Kromolow
Cody Fry


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James Warrick, Director  

[1] Cubaneando (7:12) *
Bob Washut, comp/arr.
  - Tom Hord, flute
  - Natalie Lande, alto sax
  - Hiro
Kawashima, tenor sax
  - Michael Fatum, trumpet
  - Doug Donoghue, piano

[2] Hospital Blues (6:40) #
Tom Kubis, comp/arr.
  - Wayne Bergeron, flugelhorn
Eric Shevrin, piano

[3] The Final Lap (4:58) #
Adam Kromelow (NT 07), comp/arr.
Premier Performance
  - Adam Kromelow
, piano
  - Hiro Kawashima, tenor sax

[4] High Clouds and a Slight Chance of Wayne Tonight (7:17) #
Tom Kubis, comp/arr.
  - Wayne Bergeron, trumpet
  - Cody Fry, piano
  - Natalie Lande, alto sax
  - Danny Bressler, trumpet

[5] Emily (6:20) *
Johnny Mercer, comp/Bob Florence, arr.
  - Adam Kromelow, piano


[6] Silver Celebration (7:51) ^
John Clayton, comp/arr.
  - John Fatum, drums 
  - Mike Fatum, trumpet
  - Hiro Kawashima, tenor sax

[7] Den of Inequity (6:07) ^
Bret Spainhour, comp/arr.
- Danny Bressler, trumpet
  - Bret Spainhour, bari sax

[8] See The World (4:21)
Pat Metheny, comp/Bob Curnow, arr.
  - Benjie DeAlbuquerque, guitar


Mike Sassetti, Director

[9] Brand New Day (5:04) *
Cody Fry (NT 08), comp/arr.
Premier Performance
- Andy Clinkman, guitar
  - Tom Hord, flute
  - Cody Fry, piano

James Warrick, Doug Rosenberg, Directors

[10] Tito Puente, King of the Timbales (7:46)  #
Tito Puente, comp/Victor Lopez, arr.
  - Nick Kelly, tenor sax
  - Rajiv Chopra
, guitar
Andy Koehler
, piano
  - Braham Mehta, flute
Christopher Paik, alto sax
  - Teddy Berman, electric piano
  - Carrie Furniss, trombone
- Peter Martin, timbales

John Thomson, Director
Adam Kromelow, Student Director  

[11] Full Circle (7:23) #
Don Owens, comp/arr.
Premier Performance
Commissioned to honor the retirement of John Thomson
  - Scott Tesler, piano
  - David Reiff, alto sax
  - Steve Derluguian, tenor sax


James Warrick, Director

[12] The Jazz Police (5:15) #
Gordon Goodwin, comp/arr.
- Mike MacLeod, tenor sax
  - Elliott Ostrowski, trumpet
  - Jake Shapiro, piano
  - Ben Spulber, guitar
  - Wayne Bergeron, Lead Trumpet

^ Recorded at the New Trier High School Fall Jazz Concert on Dec. 1, 2006

* Recorded at our Frank Mantooth Jazz Festival on February 3, 2007

# Recorded at the New Trier HS Spring Jazz Concert on April 13, 2007

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