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Louie Armstrong Award

Louis Armstrong was the epitome of jazz as a trumpeter, singer, and band leader.  His imaginative, simple style led the way for others and changed the course of jazz.  His phenomenal skill dazzled audiences around the world.  Lucille Armstrong, his wife in later years, described his love for people.  "Louis's greatest personality traits were humility and generosity...He just loved people, and he always tried to understand them too...He was compassionate, generous, and understanding with everyone...He was loved, not only for his style, but as a person as well."

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award was introduced in 1974 with the approval of his widow, Lucille Armstrong, to honor outstanding jazz students. At New Trier High School the recipients of this award are seniors who are selected by a vote among all jazz ensemble seniors. 

  • 2009- Andrew Clinkman and Ethan Kogan

  • 2008- Mike Fatum and Natalie Lande

  • 2007- Adam Kromelow

  • 2006James Priest and Chris Hugi

  • 2005- David Kromelow and Matt Johnston  

  • 2004- Jon Lanznar   

  • 2003- Jake Wick and Gabe Noel   

  • 2002- Chad Bernstein and Max DiLallo   

  • 2001- Jon Freilich  

  • 2000- Adam Ferrari 

  • 1999- Sam Bar-Sheshet

  • 1998- Todd Lieberman

  • 1997- Doug Rosenberg   

  • 1996- Jon Berger

  • 1995- Jamie Cooley

  • 1994- David McDonnell

  • 1993- David Hutten

  • 1992- Rob Eisner

  • 1991- Ben Lewis

  • 1990- Mike Verta

  • 1989- Jason Horowitz

  • 1988- Kevin Love

  • 1987- Dan Hoeppner

  • 1986- Doug Dunston

  • 1985- Fred Hemke

  • 1984- Al Croke and Jeff Fisher

  • 1983- Michael Richter

Woody Herman Award

The Woody Herman Jazz Award was created in 1988, shortly after Herman's death, to honor outstanding jazz students.  From 1936 to 1987, Woody Herman's big bands were popular and explosive.  He changed bands and styles over the years.  The First Herd was known for fiery playing, the Second Herd for bebop, and the Third Herd for its driving, swinging jazz.  About his music Herman said, "I'm not interested in nostalgia, I'm selling excitement." At New Trier High School the recipients of this award is selected by the jazz ensemble director.

  • 2009- Nikolas Kaplan and Jake Shapiro

  • 2008- John Fatum and Hiro Kawashima

  • 2007- Sarah Jabon and Sam Seliger

  • 2006- Mike Gililan and Mike Sullivan   

  • 2005- Mark Vernon and Mark Shelton  

  • 2004- Dan Burnstine and Eric Benz   

  • 2003- Andrew Hadro and Aaron Weinstein   

  • 2002- Britt Baugher and Ryo Fujiwara   

  • 2001- Rytas Vygantas and Brian Friedland

  • 2000- Chris Cox and Wes Molyneaux   

  • 1999- Will Blair and Germaine Grueneberg 

  • 1998- Keith Akers and Dylan Ryan

  • 1997- Derek Johnson and Kevin Brown   

  • 1996- Ryan Sackrider

  • 1995- George Nickolopoulos and Sarah Joehl

  • 1994- Bill Cannon

  • 1993- Jino Kim and Mark Yocom

  • 1992- Mark Uhlemann

  • 1991- Glen Hara and Matt Lewis

  • 1990- Craig Urban

  • 1989- Jason Topaz

  • 1988- Sue AuBuchon

Frank Schalk Award

This award, named after a beloved New Trier private teacher who passed away in 1990, recognizes a senior New Trier instrumentalist who has consistently maintained the most positive and professional attitude toward music and fellow musicians. At New Trier High School the recipients of this award are selected by the instrumental music directors.

  • 2009- Elliott Ostrowski and David Reiff

  • 2008-  David Binder and Theresa Payne

  • 2007- Charlie Healy and Tom Hord

  • 2006-  Will Appleby and Brian Frost

  • 2005-  Robert Damon and Russell Jackson

  • 2004-  Matthew Siegfried

  • 2003-  Liz Hochberg and Dan Willis

  • 2002-  Peter Alonzi and Eric Hutchings-Goetz

  • 2001-  Matt Holt and Andy Pratt

  • 2000-  Tippy Lee and Kevin Pearce

  • 1999-  Zach Behrens and Brian Shimkovitz

  • 1998-  Josh Goldblatt and Jeremy Porte

  • 1997-  Mike Freilich and Dan Kenemore

  • 1996-  Leigh McCue and Adam Wick

  • 1995-  Tom Hutten and Mari Kameyama

  • 1994-  Jim Sklar

  • 1993-  Nam Holtz and Ben Rieff

  • 1992-  Richard Meeske and Matt Reed

  • 1991-  James Janega and Jon Reid

  • 1990-  Scott Dart

    Jazz Director Awards

    This award is occasionally given to recognize the contributions of other students in the jazz program.

  • 2009- Patrick Rotuno

  • 2006- Anna Bitman and Dan Balikov

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